Teacher Professional Network AGM Minutes

Association of Teachers of Russian (ATR )

 Teacher Professional Network

   AGM Minutes

     Parnell Room, Juty’s Inn, Parnell St.,Dublin

22 November 2015,  14.00 – 15.00

Present: Lana Ilyin (Chairperson ), Liliya Habchak ( TPN Coordinator ), Ludmila Snigireva ( Secretary ), Marina Ikkert ( Treasurer ), Jualia Brennan, Elena Mohovikova, Elena Geddis, Joanna Romantsova, Tatiana Senkina,Elena Chupans, Irina Ramoniene,Tanya Moran, Alexandra Thornton, Oksana MacNiff,L ilia Crasnopolski, Marina Drobushevskaya, Valentina Salamatova

Absent:Alla Baturova, Zarema Sarakaeva,Siobhan McNamarra,Tatiana Lissichnaya, Maria Ferry, Elena Dorogaya, Inessa Skornyakova

  1. Chairperson’s welcome and brief outline of the Agenda.
  1. Secretary’s report on the work of the Association: participation in the Department of Education meetings and workshops; becoming the member of MAPRYAL  –  achievements and results.  Plans for 2016.
  1. Discussion on the spring, summer and autumn event of 2016 with invitation of colleagues from Latvia and Germany as lecturers.
  1. Elena Geddis – report on the 1st International Theatre Festival in Dublin with involvement of ATR members.
  1. Website issues – it was discussed and agreed that it will function more beneficial, if cooperation between Y.Feofilov and E.Geddis takes place.
  1. Updating the database of the members : membership to newcomes was introduced and accepted.


The details of the next meeting to be confirmed in the school year.