1. NAME

The name of the association shall be the Association of Teachers of Russian.


  1. AIM

The general aim of the Association shall be to promote the teaching of Russian. In furtherance of this aim, it shall

(a) Encourage and give practical help to teachers of Russian.

(b) Encourage teachers to experiment with new techniques and methods.

(c) Promote contact and discussion among teachers of Russian in Ireland and with teachers of Russian in other countries.

(d) Keep the Department of Education informed about current trends in the teaching of Russian.



(a) All those engaged in the teaching of Russian in any recognised primary, post-primary or third-level educational establishment shall be eligible for membership.

(b) Other teachers of Russian may become eligible for membership with the approval of the Committee.

(c) Retired teachers of Russian shall be eligible for honorary membership.

(d) The Committee may at its discretion grant honorary membership.



No teacher of Russian shall be entitled to the benefits of membership until the annual subscription has been paid. Any increase in the membership fee for the current school year shall be decided at the AGM



The officers of the Association shall be a Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer. No officer shall hold the same office for more than three consecutive years. Duties of the Chairperson: The Chairperson shall preside at the AGM and at all meetings of the National Committee. The Chairperson shall have the right to represent the Association publicly. The Chairperson shall address the AGM. Duties of the Secretary: The Secretary shall be responsible for the organisational activities and correspondence of the Association. Some secretarial duties may be delegated to other members of the Committee. The Secretary shall have the right to represent the Association publicly. The Secretary shall present to the AGM a report of the Association’s activities during the previous year. Duties of the Treasurer: The Treasurer shall keep a true and accurate account of all monies of the Association and shall present regular financial statements at meetings of the National Committee. The financial year for the Association shall begin with the AGM and end with the AGM of the following year. The National Committee shall decide on signatories of cheques. The Treasurer shall present a financial report to the AGM.



(a) The National Committee shall consist of three members of the Association elected at the AGM

(b) The Chairperson of the Association shall be elected at the AGM. All other 0fficers of the Association shall be elected at the first Committee meeting after the AGM

(c) The National Committee shall meet at least two times a year.

(d) Two members of the National Committee shall form a quorum.

(e) The National Committee may co-opt two additional members if the necessity arises.



The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held at the end of the first term of the school year. Notice of the AGM shall be sent to all members at least 14 days before the meeting. All members have the right to attend. Resolutions for the AGM shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary at least 7 days in advance. Honorary members shall not be eligible to vote.



(a) An Extra-Ordinary Annual General Meeting may be convened at any time by the Secretary on receipt of a written request to that effect signed by a minimum of 3 members.

(b) Ten days notice of an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting shall be given to members.



The Constitution shall be amended only at the AGM, notice having been given to all members at least 14 days in advance. Such an amendment must be passed by a two-third majority of the members present and voting.