24.09.17 Minutes


Association of Teachers of Russian ( ATR )

                                   Annual General Meeting

                                 O’Connell’s Secondary School,

                                 North Richmond St., Dublin 1

24 September 2017, 13.00 – 14.00

Present: Lana Ilyin ( Chairperson), Marina Ikkert (Treasurer ), Ludmila Snigireva ( Secretary)

Apologies : Alla Baturova, Lilia Gabchak

In attendance : Valentina Salamatova, Anna Ozola, Oksana McNiff, Olga Belavska, Lilia Krasnopolscki

1.Minutes and matters arising: Lana Ilyin opened the meeting giving the summary of the last AGM meeting.

2.Chairperson’s Report: Lana Ilyin reported about the activities that have taken place since 2016 AGM:

a new website has been set up atrussian.org;

ATR got its unique PIC number in EU Educational Board. It opens perspectives to participate in European Educational programmes;

     – ATR became a member of the European Centre for Modern Languages of the Council of    Europe – the organisation promoting excellence in language education ;

3 professional development courses, seminars and master-classes were held. They were provided by the most distinguished scholars from Europe and China;

MAPRYAL receives updates&reports on all events which are organized and held in ATR;

a letter of recognition was read out – it came to ATR email address after lecturers from Poland wrote their report and feedback to Erasmus+ Head Office.

   3.TPN Funding update: all present were informed about changes in funding and work fulfilled by Lilya Gabchak.

   4.Update on the 2016-2017 academic year work&achievements: besides the issues indicated in №. 3, it was outlined that ATR participated in the Conference and Round Table discussions which took place in TCD on 25.02.17 ( in cooperation with The Embassy of RF and Department of Education of Moscow). The International Council on Multicultural Communication awarded ATR with 4 vouchers to be given to the best students for the International Youth Camp ARTEK. Ten of ATR teachers got free database and the programme for teaching Russian as a foreign language from RUSSUGOLOK PROJECT.

  1. Plans for 2017-2018 academic year : decisions were taken to continue with the membership in SARG and MAPRYAL, to keep up providing of professional development training and , to attract new members and to apply to Russian Government Educational Body to include ATR into the International project РУССКИЙ УГОЛОК.

6. The election and re-election of the Chairperson and Committee members: LI nominated LS as Chairperson. Voting in favour of LS was unanimous. Election of Committee members was the following : Secretary / TPN Coordinator – Liliya Habchak, Treasurer / Vice Chair – Alla Baturova.

  1. An Honorary Award : the decision was proposed and then voted&accepted on giving Lana Ilyin An Honorary Award for her outstanding&exceptional work in ATR for the last 9 years.
  2. AOB: training was given on preparation of LC students ( by the State Examiners from the State Examinations Commission of Ireland).